How are we different?

We look at more than just your pain

We specialize in the biomechanical analysis of function. It’s not enough to treat the area of pain. We have to look for the cause. Back pain can come from a tight hip, rigid foot, or lack of shoulder motion. An ACL tear can be caused by pelvic malalignment, shoulder restriction, glut weakness, or structural torsion. It’s not enough to treat the problem. We have to find the cause and correct the abnormal stress that impaired the system.

We are fun!

Therapy shouldn’t be the same 5 exercises every visit or mountains of papers sent home with you. Twenty years ago, when I attended therapy, my time was spent laying on a table kicking a weight in 4 different directions. The only thing that changed was the amount of weight. It was boring. I hated it. I was preparing to go play volleyball and none of what I did felt like volleyball. Therapy should be specific to your goals. Exercises in and out of therapy should resemble your end goal. Our goal is that you enjoy your time spent here, that you become better at what you do – whether it be lifting your child or pitching a ball.