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Body on Head Mobility

If you are a softball or baseball athlete and want to improve pitching speed and accuracy, improving fielding reach in the outfield, and ball tracking in the batter’s box. Learn more here:

First Step Sprint Speed

Running faster isn’t just about turning your feet over or being in shape. Being efficient with proper joint glide and muscle fire can go a long way to vastly improving performance in a short amount of time. Learn more here:

Fielding on the Move

In baseball and softball we ask you to move through the ball to improve fielding speed. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Hamstring strength and flexibility as well as tibial glide have a huge impact on being able to fluidly reach and move through the ball. Learn more here:

Ball pursuit and body contact 

Basketball requires a great deal of body control. Not only managing your own body but managing the impact stress of another player. Using your pelvis and glut efficiently can help increase control and power on the court in ball pursuit and shoot. Learn more here:

5k Running Clinic

Stretch to run don’t run to stretch

Your body adapts to whatever position you put it in most. Which means sitting at work all day does not contribute to proper muscle length for an efficient run. Hip flexors, hamstrings, TFL, and gastroc mobility are hugely important to running faster, farther, and pain free. Here are some stretches you can do literally anywhere: Running Stretches

Moving backwards

Whether it’s a back peddle or a drop step it’s not just about being fast, it’s about being efficient. You can be faster just by training smarter. Find out how:


The best rebounders have great anticipation but also great body control both in the air and on the ground. Learn how to improve your vertical leap and body control here:

Throwing Form

Good throwing form improves power, accuracy, and longevity. Learn how to test and improve form here:

Back Leg Efficiency in Hitting and Throwing

“Using your legs” isn’t as easy as it sounds. There can be mobility and strength barriers that keep an athlete from unleashing the power of their lower body. Learn more here:

Core Strength for Softball Pitching

Ab strength helps determine a pitchers reach in order to create more power. Here’s how to functionally train:

3pt Position

Creating balanced power on the line takes more than strength. Hip, ankle, and upper back mobility are key to getting into a good load on the line. Here’s how:

Breathing and Posture

Head and trunk position can have a huge effect on your ability to breathe well both at rest and with activity. Learn more:

Stretching to Breathe

Mobilizing rib cage and trunk can significantly improve energy levels with activity and at rest. Move better to feel better:

Waukee Youth Football Flexibility Program

Stretching prior to football practice decreases post practice soreness and potential for injury and improves performance – WYF Stretches

Waukee Youth Football Warm Up

Absolute Performance Therapy created a program wide warm up to prepare each team for play – WYF Warm Ups